2017 Off to a great start!

We are excited for the debut exhibition of our show, “Current,” at the Artwork Network gallery on Santa Fe Avenue in Denver.  The exhibition addresses a broad range of social issues in our local, national, and worldwide communities. People are not always satisfied with the general current of things but in our own ways we strive to scatter light, appreciate beauty, encourage worthiness and promote peace. In the midst of the strong muddy flow, the members of Christos Collective peer through a unique lens in attempts to seek a hopeful path to a redemptive future.

A portion of our sales from this show will be donated to the local Project Worthmore, a local organization “working to restore worth to our refugee neighbors through the heart of our community.”
We are also preparing to share our “Reclaim” show and “Choice, Chance, Trust” show at the Four Chapter Gallery in Kansas City area this summer. In the meantime we continue forward, discussing ideas for the theme of our next projects.