3 artists featured in Bridge Gallery Exibition Creation Care: Water

The current exhibition investigates the human role in the naturalenvironment, with a specific emphasis on our interdependent relationship with water. Art will celebrate the vitality of water and/or compel audiences to consider their responsibility for the care and stewardship of this precious resource.

Prominent scientists often refer to the earth as "the creation" based on a realization that a "spiritual and cultural transformation" is needed to respond effectively. There is growing interested among evangelical Christians to address global environmental problems with the power of biblical truth, a movement often called "Creation Care." There is a growing consensus among many evangelicals, business and political leaders, and the general public that steps must be taken to address these issues.

Only one percent of all water on earth is available for human consumption. This amount, vital for life, should be enough for all. It falls from the clouds on to the land, nourishes life, returns through rivers to the salty seas, and evaporates as fresh water back into the clouds. However, water is not available for all people. There is inequality in water use in the world. Many lessons could be drawn from how indigenous people avoid misuse of water.