Jennifer Bunge

Jennifer Bunge gets her inspiration from the rural Canadian prairie of her childhood and the suburban cityscape of her youth. She has always lived inland but is especially inspired by the mystery of the sea. Bunge is also inspired by bold and dramatic artists from the past and present; her influences include comic book artist Herge and the cleverly simple German Expressionist Karl Schmidt-Rotluff. She is thankful to have studied under the underground comics pioneer Frank Stack and satirical American printmaker Tom Huck. Her artwork explores real and imagined landscape, themes of faith, and topics of motherhood and parenting.

Awards include placements in local art competitions and inclusion in the New York Museum of Art and Design's exhibition, "The Art of the Paper Plate." Jennifer has been a member of two different art co-op galleries in Colorado and is currently a member of the newly formed Christos Collective out of Denver, Colorado. She lives in Northern Colorado with her supportive husband and four busy children.


I work in watercolor, acrylic, and a variety of other media to make art that represents the world and how I see it; expressionist landscapes, fanciful imaginary scenes, social commentary, faith, and subjects of parenting are topics which repeatedly emerge in my work.  I continue to strive to connect and develop these themes in new and different ways. While my subjects may be diverse, dramatic color contrasts and vibrant hues are the constant in my paintings. Thinking of beauty (labeled by philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff as "aesthetic contemplation") interests me as I follow these themes because my aim in making art is to produce something new and worthy of aesthetic contemplation.