Garrett Larson

In the rural world of South Dakota, Garrett Larson was born on March 11, 1990. Living the majority of his adolescence on a farm, his imagination gained its freedom. As he entered into a new town and stage of his education, he knew what he wanted to focus his life on and pushed through high school in three years to pursue his goal of furthering himself in art.      

    From there he transplanted himself into the urban city life of Denver, Colorado, where he pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.  During his time there, he studied painting, sculpture, mixed media, printmaking and photography.  His primary passion lies with printmaking and photography due to his love for street art, an interest that he continues to explore and share.


I believe in love. It’s my concept to life, but with life there’s a part of it that involves hardship or sadness, which brings us a lot of unknowing. I’ve been intrigued by this relationship for as long I can remember. My pieces are influenced by life’s unveiling of the day to me, by each second of every minute of the day created every moment as incredibly unique as the individuals that experience them. This is why I let the concept I imagine to lead me to the correct medium to create that specific piece of my art. Through my art, I am trying to depict both sides of this story of life: love and sadness intertwined. It’s something simple, but extraordinary.