Becca Karner



Becca Karner was born and raised in the Midwest city of Springfield, Missouri. The daughter of an artist, she was exposed to creative thinking at a young age.Her work focuses on human relationships and includes such media as photography, typography, watercolor, ceramics, printmaking, and fiber arts.Karner attended Missouri State University, holds a Bachelor of Science in Education, and is a certified K-12 Art educator. She has thirteen years of experience working with youth in various capacities and currently teaches for the Boulder Valley School District.Karner and her husband, Isaac, reside in Broomfield, CO with her two stepchildren. She also enjoys cooking, interior design, outdoor activities, and sharing in community with The Well Church-Boulder. Karner is passionate about empowering youth development through art and inspiring kids and teens to take pride in, and ownership of, their aspirations.


“A musician must make music,An artist must paint,A poet must write,If he is to be ultimately at peace with himself,What a man can be,He must be.”Abraham Maslow

I believe humanity is an expression of The Creator and we, being made in His image, are meant to be creators as well. This comes in many different forms- plating a dish of beautiful food, designing an app, composing music, building a skyscraper, etc. For me, this comes in the form of visual documentation and expression. When I am not creating artwork, I’m not telling the story I’m supposed to be telling, whether it’s to an audience or just to myself.My art records stories about human relationships and interactions, documenting rather than creating. At times these stories challenge certain thoughts or beliefs existing in our society. Other times, the stories are about my personal experiences and take on a therapeutic purpose.